When combining these two elements, light and glass, magic happens. Light is changed into marvelous colors and the tones in the glass is enhanced or changed completely. Having this magic in your home creates beauty and moments of peace. Gaze into the colors the glass and light create!

Multimedia collage



Glass pieces resembling nature and all the beauty it provides us. Bring... 

3 Dimensional

3 Dimensional

This collection is all about 3D. Boxes, vases, storage, desk art, etc.... 



Holiday designs! Beautiful stained glass pieces to celebrate the holidays! Taking pre... 

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See a glass design you like but is no longer available? Or see a glass design you love but wish it was in your colors? Please email me, I am more than happy to work with you!

Please enjoy my shop! Im always trying to add other cute items so keep on checking in and follow my Instagram @sweetpeaandbumblebeellc for shop updates!

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Please Read

Facts and Information


All stained glass designs are legally owned by me the artist of Sweet Pea and Bumble bee. Please do not copy.

Glass varies. Each piece is hand crafted and unique. Due to the difficulty of photographing light and glass to show the variants of color in the piece, please note items may not be exactly as pictured.


Please use an ammonia free window cleaner and a soft rag to clean piece. Nothing abrasive as it can scratch the glass, as well as any patina added to the solder. Do not over clean as this could dull the polished solder over time.

Recommended for indoor use only.  You can request cementing (weatherproofing) at an extra cost.


Immediately send photos of damages after item is confirmed delivered. Send to

Items are not guaranteed but packaged sustainably and well for safe delivery.


Safest way to hang is from a nail. Suction cups work as long as application was on clean surface. Check weight standard on suction cups before hanging. I cannot guarantee suction cups will work.

Shipping / Returns

Shipping options available at checkout. Shipping varies per location. $5 handling fee added to each order. Delivery to US residents only.

All sales final

No returns

No exchanges

No refunds


Please note lead is used in the making of my stained glass art pieces. Lead can harmful if ingested so please keep items out of mouth. Use caution and wash hands after handling.

All jewelry is made with lead free solder. Safe for long skin contact.

About the Artist

Hello! First of all welcome to my website! My name is Kristina Danielsen. I am a mother of two wonderful kids, a wife and a creative mind. We all have our own outlets, mine is art. When I was a child I was gifted a beautiful handcrafted stained glass piece. The glass captured the sunlight and illuminated amazing colors. Ever since I've had a love for stained glass. Now as an adult I finally put that love into practice. I quit my job in 2019 to be a stay at home parent, and doing so I lost apart of myself. I couldn't figure out whatI needed. This was it! Hours pass so quickly when I'm working away. Hard work isn't hard when it's a passion and a therapeutic practice. I hope you look around and enjoy my art!